Your Best Halloween Ever's Year One Redux!

Wondering what this Year One Redux we've been hyping is about? Get all the details here!
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Voodoo Queens 'n Cajun Things Playlist

No show's complete without an encore, right? I've saved one of my biggest treats for last... allons-y!
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Black Forest Cupcake Graveyard

Today marks the last day of our six week run of daily posts! And for our final Baked with Scare Saturday, we're pulling out all of the stops with a cupcake graveyard full of tricks and treats for all!
Halloween cupcakes, cupcake graveyard, chocolate gravestones, cupcake decorations

Paper Pennant Banners

For our last DI-Friday, we're working on a project that will add some great Halloween flair to any space without breaking the budget!
Halloween banner decoration made with paper pennants