Voodoo Queens 'n Cajun Things Playlist

No show's complete without an encore, right? I've saved one of my biggest treats for last... allons-y!
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Black Forest Cupcake Graveyard

Today marks the last day of our six week run of daily posts! And for our final Baked with Scare Saturday, we're pulling out all of the stops with a cupcake graveyard full of tricks and treats for all!
Halloween cupcakes, cupcake graveyard, chocolate gravestones, cupcake decorations

Paper Pennant Banners

For our last DI-Friday, we're working on a project that will add some great Halloween flair to any space without breaking the budget!
Halloween banner decoration made with paper pennants

Bringing Your Character to Life

Hey you guys! I'm switching things up this week and we're going to focus on bringing your characters to life! And of course, since it's me, we're gonna get freaky!
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Pumpkin Leftovers

Our last Wickedly Delicious Wednesday is a twofer of tasty treats to make with the parts of the pumpkin that usually wind up in the trash after carving!
pumpkin butter, pumpkin seeds

Voodoo Mary

It's our final BOOzeday Tuesday, and this cocktail puts a Cajun kick in a classic Bloody Mary!
glowing skull looking at bloody mary with cajun voodoo spices

Halloween Manikins

TGI-DI-Friday! This week, I'm sharing a collection of Halloween figures made with artist manikins!
Halloween figures made using artist manikins

Makeup Bag Scarecrow

For all you folks out there with too much makeup in your makeup bag, I'm here to teach you how to use it for an easy, cute Halloween go-to!
Makeup by Devin Przygoda, Halloween mua, scarecrow

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

We're switching things up a bit for this week's Wickedly Delicious Wednesday and focusing on the most important meal of the day... Breakfast is ready!
pumpkin spice pancakes with turkey bacon on Halloween place setting

Songs from American Horror Story Playlist

Since its premiere in 2011, American Horror Story has redefined storytelling on television - while rocking one of the best soundtracks ever to be found on a TV show!
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A Night in the Lemp Mansion

For this week's Sunday Funday, I'm going to tell you a ghost story... a true ghost story.
lion statue by the porch of the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO

Halloween Donuts

It's Saturday the 13th and for this week's Baked with Scare Saturday, we're making a trio of showstopping Halloween donuts... from scratch! 😱
Halloween donuts, pumpkin spice, monster cake, chocolate spiderweb, blueberry lemon, green slime frosting

Mesh Wreath Mania!

For this week's DI-Friday, I'm getting a crash course in mesh wreaths... and what would you say if I told you we were also going vampire hunting?
vampire slayer mesh wreath materials, craft supplies, Halloween crafting DIY, faux garlic bulbs, glitter bats

Witchy Glam

It's MUA Thursday again, and we're switching gears this week for all you glam ghouls out there!
Makeup by Devin Przygoda, Halloween mua, glam witch, witch makeup tutorial

Pumpkin Pizza Pockets

It's Wickedly Delicious Wednesday, and this week we're making personalized pizza pockets with a fun fall twist!
jack o' lantern pizza pockets, pepperoni sausage pizza pocket, pumpkin shaped pizza roll

Candy Corn Shot

Love it or love to hate it, there's no denying that candy corn is synonymous with fall - and for this week's BOOzeday Tuesday, we're making a candy corn shot that's sure to be a hit!
candy corn shots, Halloween cocktail recipe, layered drinks

Modern Halloween Hits Playlist

This week's Music Monday playlist just goes to show that sometimes Halloween music is hiding in plain sight...
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Classic Horror Movie Marathon

It's Sunday Funday and this week, we're gonna kick back and spend some time with a few of our favorite monsters!
collection of Universal classic monster movies

Monster Finger Cookies

For our next Baked with Scare Saturday, we're baking two versions of a popular Halloween party treat - witch and mummy finger cookies!
witch finger cookie recipe, mummy finger cookie recipe, best easy Halloween cookies

Craft Pumpkins

Woohoo! It's DI-Friday again, and this week is all about craft pumpkins and just a few of the directions you can go with them!
white craft pumpkin, orange craft pumpkin, Halloween DIY

All About Sugar Skulls

This week for MUA Thursday, I wanted to amp up a trendy favorite while looking at the meaning behind this popular makeup look... I'm of course talking about sugar skulls!
Makeup by Devin Przygoda, sugar skull makeup, Día De Los Muertos

Mummy Dogs

For this week's Wickedly Delicious Wednesday, we're making one of my favorite Halloween party foods: Mummy Dogs!
easy mummy dog recipe, mummy dog being dipped in mustard

Sour Apple Sparkler

It's BOOzeday Tuesday and this week we're making a sparkling cocktail that's sure to enchant this Halloween season!
Halloween champagne cocktail, sour apple Halloween fall drink, black sugar rim cocktail

Haunting Soundtracks Playlist

What's your favorite scary movie? Because there's a good chance you're going to hear something from its soundtrack on today's playlist!
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