Paper Pennant Banners

For our last DI-Friday, we're working on a project that will add some great Halloween flair to any space without breaking the budget!
Halloween banner decoration made with paper pennants
Over the last few weeks, I've shared a bunch of crafting projects on DI-Friday that have used a variety of skills and crafting techniques. My main focus going into this last project was to share something that was still crafty and full of Halloween spirit, but with a little more thought paid to the project's budget than some of my previous crafts.

Enter: The Paper Pennant Banner.

I've seen quite a few tutorials for banners like these around the internet and had been dying to make one of my own! I'd been keeping my eye out for scrapbook paper with designs I liked and recently found a few that I just couldn't pass up. I flipped through the paper pack a few times and finally settled on three designs that looked really well together and would complement the decor on a wall that was still needing a little something to finish it off.

And what's really great about these banners is that all you need to build one is a few sheets of scrapbook paper (I recommend using card stock quality as the paper will hold up a bit better) and yarn, with a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a hole puncher to put it all together!

Before cutting out the pennants, you'll want to draw the lines to make sure your pennants are all about the same size and you're maximizing the amount you get from each sheet. Make sure that you've got a good pencil to use, too! For these pennants, I started by drawing a line across the middle of the paper widthwise. After that I made a mark in the middle of each end of the paper. I then drew lines connecting the middle to each corner at the opposite end of the paper. The result was six triangle pennants from each sheet, eighteen total for the banner.

I cut out the pennants and then used a hole puncher to put holes in two of their corners, allowing them to hang with the pointed side down. I had previously measured out a length of yarn (keeping in mind that each pennant would be about 4.5" on the side that was strung up, and with 18 pennants, I figured I'd need at least 7' of yarn). Stringing the pennants onto the yarn is pretty easy, though it may come unraveled a bit, so it's a good idea to give yourself a little leeway by measuring some extra yarn. For the final banner assembly, you'll also want to string the pennants in a way so the yarn is behind each one for the most part as seen in the pictures below. Once all the pennants are strung onto the yarn, tie each end in a loop to easily hang the banner!
Collage with Halloween craft paper and pennant pattern
Halloween DIY paper pennant banner collage
Halloween decorations with DIY paper pennant banner
What I really love about these paper pennant banners is that they're an easy and affordable way to add a pop of color or a fun pattern to any space! I chose the three patterns I used because their color palette matched the decor on the wall so well and they had exactly the whimsical feeling I going for. And on top of that, the whole project took me less than an hour! For someone notorious for losing entire days working on craft projects such as myself, being able to conceptualize and finish a project in under an hour was awesome!

And there are so many other directions you can go with a craft like this! From different pennant shapes to different styles of scrapbook paper (I also made one for a friend using a set of scrapbook paper with a decidedly darker feel and it turned out SO cool!), you can make a custom banner that accents your space perfectly and, best of all, is a one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration!

I hope you've enjoyed our DI-Fridays together over the past few weeks as much as I have! Sharing so many of my favorite crafting techniques and using them to create new projects to share has been an absolute joy and I hope to have inspired you to get crafty with your Halloween decor! There's just something extra special about having Halloween decorations that you made yourself and can put up year after year. So long as you're making things you love, you can't go wrong! Happy Crafting!


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