Voodoo Queens 'n Cajun Things Playlist

No show's complete without an encore, right? I've saved one of my biggest treats for last... allons-y!
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When I was narrowing down the ideas for Music Monday's playlists to fit in the six week span of the daily posts, there were a few ideas that kept coming up, but weren't quite ready to be built into a fully fledged playlist. One of those ideas was pretty persistent, though, and I finally decided to pay attention to it - the idea for a Halloween playlist inspired by New Orleans. Within a few hours, Voodoo Queens 'n Cajun Things was born! The intent behind this playlist is to take you on an expedition through time in one of America's most haunted regions, so come along with me...

You begin in the swamps of Louisiana, the low country, with music from an era long since gone all around you while the ghosts of the past lurk in the shadows. You come to an old dock and board a riverboat heading toward the Crescent City, hearing stories of both voodoo and hoodoo and the mysterious women who practice them, particularly Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen herself.

While you're lost in the stories, the boat docks in the world famous French Quarter and you disembark, the squares of New Orleans shrouded in a thick fog. You make your way into the heart of the French Quarter and happen upon a macabre, 3:00 a.m. cabaret. You sit in the back, entranced by the performers and their varied numbers. The show stretches on for hours and before you realize it, you're standing up with the crowd and heading outside. The show has ended and you step outside as the sky is lightening with the dawn of a new day.

So without further ado, I present our final playlist: Voodoo Queens & Cajun Things!

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