Your Best Halloween Ever Recap

Tomorrow is Halloween and today we're taking a look back at the last six weeks of posts and projects from Your Best Halloween Ever!
Your Best Halloween Ever daily theme calendar
I can hardly believe that the six week run of daily posts on Your Best Halloween Ever has already come to an end! What started as a simple idea evolved into something much greater over the past few weeks. I really pushed myself with the projects for the blog, from the food and drink recipes to the crafting projects and even with assembling the playlists, to showcase a range of skills and techniques while highlighting the many, many aspects of what makes Halloween special. And of course, Devin truly put his heart and soul into MUA Thursdays aside from being the chief photographer for the photo shoots.

So take a look back at the last six weeks of posts below... it's pretty wild to see everything together now that it's finished! And to everyone who has followed along on this journey, I want to say a heartfelt and humble thank you - your support and encouragement is more appreciated than I can really put into words!
Your Best Halloween Ever, Sunday Funday Year One Recap
Sunday Funday
Week 1: Decorating
Week 2: Halloween Reading List
Week 3: Project Fallcraft
Week 4: Classic Horror Movie Marathon
Week 5: A Night in the Lemp Mansion
Week 6: Off to the Pumpkin Patch!
Your Best Halloween Ever, Music Monday Year One Recap, best top Halloween party music songs
Music Monday
Week 1: Kitschy Halloween Classics
Week 2: Halloween Party Staples
Week 3: Haunting Soundtracks
Week 4: Modern Halloween Hits
Week 5: Songs from American Horror Story
Week 6: Atmosfearic Soundscapes
Bonus: Voodoo Queens 'n Cajun Things
Your Best Halloween Ever, BOOzeday Tuesday Year One Recap, best Halloween party drinks
BOOzeday Tuesday
Week 1: Vampire's Kiss Margarita
Week 2: Pecan Pie Martini
Week 3: Sour Apple Sparkler
Week 4: Candy Corn Shots
Week 5: Witches' Brew Sangria
Week 6: Voodoo Mary
Your Best Halloween Ever, Wickedly Delicious Wednesday Year One Recap, best Halloween recipes
Wickedly Delicious Wednesday
Week 1: Jack 'o Lantern Grilled Cheese
Week 2: Spooky Noodle Pasta Salad
Week 3: Mummy Dogs
Week 4: Pumpkin Pizza Pockets
Week 5: Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
Week 6: Pumpkin Leftovers
Your Best Halloween Ever, MUA Thursday Year One Recap, Halloween makeup tutorial, makeup artist Devin Przygoda
MUA Thursday
Week 1: Cuts & Gore Galore!
Week 2: Classic Movie Monster
Week 3: All About Sugar Skulls
Week 4: Witchy Glam
Week 5: Makeup Bag Scarecrow
Week 6: Bringing Your Character to Life
Your Best Halloween Ever, DIY Friday Year One Recap, best easy Halloween craft decoration project
Week 1: Stamps, Stamps, Stamps!
Week 2: Upcycling Jars, Bottles, Etc
Week 3: Craft Pumpkins
Week 4: Mesh Wreath Mania!
Week 5: Halloween Manikins
Week 6: Paper Pennant Banners
Your Best Halloween Ever, Baked with Scare Saturday Year One Recap, Halloween baking dessert recipe, best Halloween desserts, easy Halloween party treats
Baked with Scare Saturday
Week 1: Apple Hand Pies
Week 2: Pumpkin Scones
Week 3: Monster Finger Cookies
Week 4: Halloween Donuts
Week 5: Eyeball Cake Pops
Week 6: Black Forest Cupcake Graveyard


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