Your Best Halloween Ever's Year One Redux!

Wondering what this Year One Redux we've been hyping is about? Get all the details here!
Your Best Halloween Ever, Halloween Blog
Hello, friends - we're baaack!! Hopefully the first half of 2019 has treated everyone well!

We know it's been awfully quiet around here since Halloween, but we've been hard at work behind the scenes getting a jump on posts and projects for this fall. And before we get rolling with everything in a few months, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at our first year!

So what is the Year One Redux? Think of it like this: If Your Best Halloween Ever was a TV show, the Year One Redux would be a re-airing of the first year to get psyched for the new posts heading your way this Halloween season!

And here's what you can expect over the coming weeks! From June 23rd to August 5th, we'll be re-sharing links to each daily post on Facebook with additional insight and behind the scenes stories. Over on Pinterest, we've created a whole new set of pins to celebrate our inaugural year of posts, so you'll be seeing those go live, too! And finally, keep an eye on our Instagram for sneak peeks at what we're working on for Your Best Halloween Ever: Year Two!
Your Best Halloween Ever, Halloween Blog, Year One Redux Details
So be sure to follow our social media pages - we've got links above and in the sidebar! - and we'll see you on Sunday, June 23rd!


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