Year One’s Lost Post: Halloween Shopping Trip

It’s here! It’s here! Our Lost Post from Year One is finally here!
Your Best Halloween Ever, Halloween Shopping Trip
Last October, Devin and I took a weekend trip to Chicago to see Florence + the Machine which, if you ever have the chance, you have to see Florence Welch in concert! She just has such an ethereal presence that transcends a concert or a stage show, becoming something so much more… honestly, magical!

And while we were in Chicago, we got to spend some time with some of our best friends in the area and do some Halloween shopping at local shops; we even got to check out a haunted flea market, which was super cool being that it was only about a week and a half or so before Halloween!

vintage witch costume mask
Our first stop was this awesome record store that had all kinds of vintage toys and games with our friends Katie and Dan. They had a bunch of vintage costume sets at the store, too, and this witch mask totally caught my eye! As soon as I saw her, I knew she’d be coming home with me.

green witch silhouette votive cup candle holder
After that, we went to a local candle shop where we found this little votive cup! Devin and I have an affinity for candles and such, and we loved the witch on this green cup - and have put it to great use since bringing it home last October.

pennywise the clown glow in the dark enamel pin shaped like maine
Later, we met up with our friends Kryssie and Mike at a haunted flea market - yes, that is a thing and it was SO cool! We had a blast wandering the grounds and looking through the various booths; there was so much to take in! We found a booth selling horror movie inspired enamel pins shaped like the states they take place in, and Devin immediately fell in love with this Pennywise pin shaped like Maine!

skeleton legs
One of the coolest things we found was this set of skeleton legs from a laboratory-grade skeleton! Devin grabbed them as soon as he saw them - and walked around the rest of the night with skeleton legs draped over his shoulders!

david s pumpkins and skeletons pop vinyl set
Finally, we found a booth with a bunch of Pop Vinyls, and Devin surprised me with this trio of David S. Pumpkins and his two dancing skeleton sidekicks! I had a solo David Pumpkins Pop at home already, but had been trying to track down this set for awhile. And as if I wasn't already in love with these guys, we later got them to glow in the dark, which just adds to their awesomeness!

We seriously had the best time on our Chicago trip last year! We were so fortunate being able to see one of our favorite singers perform live and then to spend time with some of our favorite people. And, of course, the weekend was made even more special by being able to go Halloween shopping at some truly one-of-a-kind places!

Full disclosure, this post was originally meant to be a bonus Sunday Funday for Year One, but to be very honest, we were so wiped out after completing that first run of daily posts (plus the bonus Music Monday and Halloween posts!), that time just got away from us. However, when we were putting things together for the Year One Redux, I was able to revisit this idea and am so excited that we were finally able to share our Halloween shopping haul with all of you! Thanks for checking out the treasures we snagged in Chicago last year and stay tuned - the Year One Redux wraps up this week, and then we’ll be looking ahead to Year Two!



  1. What a blast of a trip! Those horror state pins are something else! Those were all really amazing finds. I loved that you did this as a lost post. So perfect! Sometimes the Halloween season absolutely runs away with us, so it's really fun revisiting the plans we hoped to execute at a later time.

    Bonus note: I had to look up David S. Pumpkins...oh my gosh! Best thing ever! How did I not know about this?!

  2. Thanks so much, Chelsea!! I was super bummed when we ran out of time to do this post last year, but somewhere along the way I realized that just because I didn't get it published on the day I'd originally hoped, that didn't mean it had to stay lost forever! :)

    And you're welcome for the introduction to David Pumpkins!! He's definitely become a mascot for Halloween to Devin and me! πŸ˜‚