Halloween Cocktail Hour Playlist

Our last Music Monday of September is as swanky as it is spooky… grab a cocktail, settle in, and get to sippin’!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Halloween Cocktail Hour Playlist, Halloween jazz

Herb & Mushroom Chicken Chili Recipe

Who’s hungry?! For this week’s Chili Cook-off Sunday, we’re making a twist on a chicken chili that makes full use of all those herbs that are ready for harvesting!

herb & mushroom chicken chili, your best halloween ever

The Porcelain Ladies

For as long as she can remember, Sophie has spent every Halloween with her Nan, who owns an antique shop and lives in the apartment above. Nan’s shop is full of many treasures, but none more so intriguing than her collection of porcelain lady figures. From an early age, Sophie’s believed that they are alive, though she’s never been able to prove it. But this Halloween is going to be different. Something dangerous has arrived in the shop, and the truth about the porcelain ladies will change Sophie’s life forever.

The Porcelain Ladies, Original Halloween Short Story, Your Best Halloween Ever

DIY Halloween Card Tips and Tricks

Looking to spread some Halloween cheer this season and not sure where to begin? Worry not because this week’s DI-Friday has you covered!

Your Best Halloween Ever, DIY Halloween Card Tips and Tricks

The Neon Gentleman

Hey I’m back with the second installment of MUA Thursday and this time I wanted to go a different direction that I usually never go. I’m not always the scary, spooky guy - I can be more fun and playful, too!

your best halloween ever, the neon gentleman

Homestyle Pumpkin Pie

Any time is a great time for pie, and for our next Baked with Scare Wednesday, we’re making a classic fall pie - from scratch!

your best halloween ever, homestyle pumpkin pie

Blackberry Mint Spritzer Recipe

Maybe the weather hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s fall yet? Or maybe warm, cozy drinks aren’t your thing? No matter the reason, if you’re looking for a cool, refreshing drink, look no further than this week’s Bev Bar Tuesday!

your best halloween ever, blackberry mint spritzer

Halloween Showtunes Playlist

Surprise! It’s me, Devin - your favorite makeup artist taking over Music Monday! This week we’re getting showtunes-y and embracing the more theatrical side of Halloween!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Halloween Showtunes Playlist

Pizza Night Chili Recipe

For our next Chili Cook-off Sunday, we’re cooking up a comfort food mashup that’s going to leave your taste buds in disbelief!

your best halloween ever, pizza night chili recipe

Who Was That Guy?

Is there anything better at Halloween than having a party with your friends? Dressing up and getting together for an evening of fun and frights sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the spooky holiday. But what happens when a stranger crashes the party? When your friends aren’t worried, but you can’t ignore the feeling that something’s not right? Kat’s about to find out, and she’ll never doubt her instincts again.

Who Was That Guy?, Original Halloween Short Story, Your Best Halloween Ever

DIY Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar

Dust off your craft bins and stock up on supplies - it’s our first DI-Friday of Year Two and the countdown to Halloween is on!

your best halloween ever, halloween advent countdown calendar, halloween diy craft project

The Tortured Spirit

Hello again old friends! It’s your friendly demon from the Midwest. I’m back and bringing you more Halloween looks inspiration for this year, and we are changing it up... again. I know we promised surprises, but due to technical difficulties we have decided to avoid full video failure until we can perfect it for next year!

your best halloween ever, the tortured spirit

White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Scones

Our baking day has officially moved to Wednesdays for Year Two, and our first bake is a new and improved version of one of our most popular recipes from last year!

white chocolate pumpkin spice scone recipe

Simmering Apple Cider Recipe

Welcome to Bev Bar Tuesday! We’re kicking things off with a simple cider recipe that will leave you feeling all warm and cozy as the days get shorter!

Simmering Apple Cider Recipe

Witches’ Night Playlist

It’s the first Music Monday of Year Two and if you’re already feeling witchy this Halloween season, we’ve got the perfect playlist for you!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Witches' Night Playlist

Traditional Chili Recipe

Welcome to Year Two! We’re kicking off Chili Cook-off Sunday with a traditional chili recipe that’s full of flavor and perfect for fall.

Traditional Chili Recipe

Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Saturday

Happy Saturday! We’ve arrived at the last day of Daily Theme Reveal Week, and I am especially excited to reveal our final daily theme for Year Two is…

Your Best Halloween Ever, Spooky Story Saturday, Halloween short stories

Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Friday

We’ve made it to Friday - woohoo! And our final returning daily theme for Year Two is…

Your Best Halloween Ever, DI-Friday, Halloween crafts diy projects

Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week, and this year that means it’s time for…

Your Best Halloween Ever, Baked with Scare Wednesday, Halloween baking

Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Tuesday

Tuesdays on Your Best Halloween Ever this fall are going to look a little different from last year with...

Your Best Halloween Ever, Bev Bar Tuesday, Halloween drink recipes

Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Sunday

Let’s dig in to Year Two’s first daily theme! This fall on Your Best Halloween Ever, Sundays are...
Your Best Halloween Ever, Chili Cook-off Sunday, Chili Recipes