Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Tuesday

Tuesdays on Your Best Halloween Ever this fall are going to look a little different from last year with...

Your Best Halloween Ever, Bev Bar Tuesday, Halloween drink recipes

That’s right - BOOzeday Tuesday has evolved into Bev Bar Tuesday! Since Devin and I don’t really drink much in the way of BOOze, we wanted to refocus our Tuesdays toward Halloween-y drinks of the non-alcoholic variety, and we could not be more excited!

Wondering what can you look forward to on Tuesdays this year? All kinds of drinks for your Halloween beverage bars! We’ve got hot drinks, we’ve got cold drinks; twists on classic favorites and some new concoctions of our very own. And as our foodie type posts go, you’ll see the ingredients and instructions before any backstory (no matter how awesome/hilarious/epic/etc said backstories may be!).

So get your favorite mug ready - the bev bar opens on Tuesday, September 17th!


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