Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Monday

Guess what’s baaaaack!! Once again, Mondays on Your Best Halloween Ever are…

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As you may recall from last year, each Music Monday brings a curated playlist on Spotify, sort of like a series of mix CD’s that we’ve put together just for you! And since we took care of a few of the ‘gimme’ themes in the blog’s first year (and I say that with love!), this year we’re really going to be exploring some niche genres and playlists put together with specific types of Halloween parties in mind. And here’s another fun tidbit: While I put together all of the playlists last year, Devin got in on the fun for Year Two, so you’ll be hearing quite a bit of variety!

No Spotify? No problem! Each Monday, we’ll also have the full playlist listed for you to find the tracks on your music service of choice so everyone gets to take part in the Halloween fun.

So if you’re already on Spotify, make sure you’re following Your Best Halloween Ever - our first playlist of Year Two will be unveiled on September 16th!


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