Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Saturday

Happy Saturday! We’ve arrived at the last day of Daily Theme Reveal Week, and I am especially excited to reveal our final daily theme for Year Two is…

Your Best Halloween Ever, Spooky Story Saturday, Halloween short stories

Halloween friends, I am SO excited about this one!!

This past spring, Devin and I were on a hike and tossing early ideas for Year Two back and forth. I had been brainstorming new daily themes when he brought up the idea of sharing original short stories. I knew right away he was onto something because my brain immediately took off - I could hardly get home quick enough to capture all the notes and ideas that had come flooding to my mind over the rest of that hike!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a storyteller. Before I could even write, I’d dictate stories to my mom to write down, and I would draw pictures to go with them. This passion for stories has been at the core of most of my creative pursuits over the years (from writing to video production, etc), and I am psyched to be flexing my creative writing muscles for the blog this year!

Wondering what kind of stories can you look forward to this fall? Oh, all kinds… some a little scarier than others, but all with a Halloween-y vibe. It’s said that horror and comedy are two of the hardest genres to write since what people find scary or funny can be incredibly subjective, so my main objective with Spooky Story Saturday is to write the kind of short stories I’d love to read on a crisp fall day leading up to Halloween. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them!

So grab your favorite fall reading blanket and find a good spot to curl up - Spooky Story Saturday starts September 21st!


Your Best Halloween Ever, Year Two Daily Theme Reveal Calendar

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