Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Thursday

MUA Thursdays are back and this year, we’ve got something extra special in store!

Your Best Halloween Ever, MUA Thursday, Halloween makeup tutorials

One of our most popular daily themes from last year was MUA Thursday (or Make Up Artist Thursday, if you didn’t know), and this year it returns with Devin at the helm… and videos!

Yes, you read that correctly: Videos!

While we were working on last year’s MUA Thursday posts, Devin and I kept coming back to the thought that while writing out the steps for each look got the job done, it would be so much more fun to see everything play out live! We show techniques instead of just talking about them, and include on the fly tips for each look. I have a background in video production, and he’s definitely got the skills - might as well give it a go!

So get ready to experience Your Best Halloween Ever like never before - the first MUA Thursday of Year Two posts on September 19th!


Your Best Halloween Ever, Year Two Daily Theme Reveal Calendar

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