Year Two Daily Theme Reveal: Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week, and this year that means it’s time for…

Your Best Halloween Ever, Baked with Scare Wednesday, Halloween baking

Surprise! Our baking day is moving from Saturdays to Wednesdays this year because everyone deserves a mid-week treat! Also new this year? An assortment of super useful tools to our baking arsenal - including a stand mixer! - so I’ve got some pretty awesome goodies I’m working on to share with you all!

As you may recall, I'm relatively new to baking, and am totally self-taught; what I didn’t learn from my mom, I’ve learned by watching Food Network and YouTube and bouncing ideas off of some of my chef friends. But the most valuable way I’ve learned to bake is by doing, by getting my hands messy and seeing what I can really do when I put my mind to it. So if you find yourself following along with Baked with Scare Wednesday and thinking about trying your hand at one of the bakes (or more!), I say go for it! If I can bake these treats, you totally can, too!

So once again - grab your aprons and get your ovens preheating because Baked with Scare Wednesday starts September 18th!


Your Best Halloween Ever, Year Two Daily Theme Reveal Calendar

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