Mad Scientist Milkshake Recipe

It’s alive! This week’s Bev Bar Tuesday is a sweet treat mashup of flavors that’ll have you channeling your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we get closer and closer to Halloween!

your best halloween ever, mad scientist milkshakes

Atmosfearic Soundscapes II Playlist

This week’s Music Monday is a sequel to one of last year’s most haunting playlist experiences… ready or not, here we go again!

your best halloween ever, atmosfearic soundscapes ii playlist

Pumpkin Spice Chili Recipe

For our penultimate Chili Cook-off Sunday, we’re taking the “pumpkin everything” mantra to heart and serving up a savory vegetarian chili inspired by the unofficial flavor of fall! (Oh yes, we did!)

your best halloween ever, pumpkin spice chili

The Haunted House

What comes to mind when you think of a haunted house? An old, run down building inhabited by a ghost or two? An evil place where bad things happen to innocent people? Or is it simply a building that’s stood the test of time with echoes of the past playing out in the present? This is the story of one such house, as told by the spirits who still walk its grounds when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is thinnest. For even though a house may be abandoned, it’s never really empty.

The Haunted House, Original Halloween Short Story, Your Best Halloween Ever

DIY Mermaid Masquerade Mask

For this week’s DI-Friday, we’re switching our DI-focus from functional decor to costume pieces with a mermaid masquerade mask! Let’s dive in!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Mermaid Masquerade Mask DIY

The Crystal Wizard

What’s up, muggles! This week we are putting a spell on you with a magical character that’s easy to recreate with a lot of glitzy pay off! So grab your favorite potion and take a swig, cuz you’re in for a treat!

your best halloween ever, the crystal wizard

Pistachio Cauldron Tarts

For this week’s Baked with Scare Wednesday, we’re whipping up a bite-sized treat that’s a perfect blend of salty and sweet!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Pistachio Cauldron Tarts

Blood Orange Carnival Palmer Recipe

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is going to the local carnivals that pop up in the area. So for our next Bev Bar Tuesday, we’re mixing up a twist on a fall fair favorite with fresh lemons and an elusively flavored herbal tea that makes for a flavor combination that’s unlike any other!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Blood Orange Carnival Palmer, Halloween themed Arnold Palmer beverage recipe

Hardcore Halloween Playlist

Hey again! Bet you didn’t expect a second helping of Devin on Music Monday this year! Andrew has entrusted me with yet another playlist and he said I could create my own love letter to Halloween… so buckle up, we’re getting dark!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Hardcore Halloween Playlist

Cajun Kick Chili Recipe

Bonjour mes amis! We’re halfway through our Chili Cook-off Sundays together, and this week’s recipe takes its inspiration from one of our favorite cuisines with a kick of Southern spice... allons-y!

your best halloween ever, cajun kick chili recipe

The Trick or Treaters of Shaded Oak Lane

There’s something special about trick or treating. Dressing in costume, going door to door, and embracing the spirit of Halloween - it’s nothing short of magical. And everyone knows that so long as a house has its lights on and its pumpkins are lit, they’ve still got treats to hand out. But as the night goes on and more porches go dark, what’s left for those still out searching for treats? For Sport, this was the perfect Halloween, but a mysterious group of trick or treaters are about to arrive, and nothing will ever be the same.

The Trick or Treaters of Shaded Oak Lane, Original Halloween Short Story, Your Best Halloween Ever

DIY Halloween Character Prop

Look, we love Halloween animatronics and character props as much as the next spook-thusiast, but unfortunately they’re just not in most folks’ budget (ours included). Luckily, this DI-Friday, we’re going to show you how you can make one of your very own without breaking the bank!

your best halloween ever, diy halloween character prop

The Undead Influencer

Hey guys and welcome back to our blog... Hi how are ya?! Lol. Jokes aside this week is my week to have fun and create a character for you guys to enjoy while satisfying my urge to stir the pot and push some buttons!

your best halloween ever, the undead influencer

Zombie Berry Cobbler

It’s our first Baked with Scare Wednesday of October, and we’re moving from fall-themed bakes to treats that are downright creepy!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Zombie Berry Cobbler

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe

It’s October 1st and to kick off our favorite month, we’ve got a recipe for one of your all time favorite fall drinks… You know it, you love it, and now you can make it at home all year long!

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Your Best Halloween Ever