Hardcore Halloween Playlist

Hey again! Bet you didn’t expect a second helping of Devin on Music Monday this year! Andrew has entrusted me with yet another playlist and he said I could create my own love letter to Halloween… so buckle up, we’re getting dark!

Your Best Halloween Ever, Hardcore Halloween Playlist

When putting together this playlist, I wanted a thematic transition from alternative rock to punk rock to metalcore with a blend of different hardcore styles throughout to create a narrative, similar to what Andrew did last year with Voodoo Queens ‘n Cajun Things.

This themed playlist revolves around your last night on Earth… Halloween! You start in a dark haunted house full of dead girls, fiends, and clowns. Once you’re through that, you find yourself out of the haunt and onto the dark streets of a city on the brink of punk rock destruction where you meet your ultimate demise. But the story’s not over there - you’ve got a hell of an afterlife coming for you next!

So put away your cutesy Halloween crap this week and fire up your evil engines for a bumpy ride to hell!


hardcore halloween playlist, halloween rock music

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