The Crystal Wizard

What’s up, muggles! This week we are putting a spell on you with a magical character that’s easy to recreate with a lot of glitzy pay off! So grab your favorite potion and take a swig, cuz you’re in for a treat!

your best halloween ever, the crystal wizard

wizard with wand and cape ready to duel
I wanted to create a young crystal wizard character because I feel original wizard ideas are hard to come by. Everyone and anyone can be whoever they want from Hogwarts, but I wanted a playful fun new look on a classic. Sometimes finding inspiration is as easy as looking at your makeup and saying “What can I put on my face today…” That’s somewhat where I started with this idea!

I bought Andrew (our model and your beloved blog leader) a cape a few Halloweens ago because he is obsessed with all things enchanted and whimsical. So when I thought of a look for him, I wanted to let the cape be the star and bring out the fun elements of other things he loves! Also you will notice a lovely weapon in thine wizard’s hand that will come to light soon enough, my pretties!

wizard with nature wand, wizard makeup with shimmer and crystalsThe makeup for this look was just an adaptation of something you would see a woodland nymph wear if they were a human gifted with power. Blue and teal gems were glued to the skin with lash adhesive for easy removal, and the brows were filled in with a blue creme liner. The eyeshadow maintained a masculine shape and I utilized navy and royal blue for shadowing! I highlighted his skin with sea foam green shimmer from MAC (again not sponsored but a ghoul can dream!), keeping it light and ethereal! I colored his hair blue with his pigmented pomades that’s washed out with warm water. The actual costume other than the cape is quite simple: a navy blue button down with black pants keeps the character feeling and looking polished and keeps you warm on a cold October evening!

I really hope you enjoyed this take on a crystal wizard and when recreating this, if you’re so inclined, remember to take parts of this and make it your own! Make your wizard or witch purple, orange, or yellow! Wear a wig! Buy a big hat! Whatever you want! I just hope to see a bunch of magical, powerful, and original gifted individuals running around on Halloween this year and every year beyond!! Stay inspired!!


crystal wizard halloween costume, woodland wizard with blue hair in cloak

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