About Your Best Halloween Ever

Like most great things, Your Best Halloween Ever started as a simple idea... for a book, in this case! Combining my loves of Halloween and crafting/baking/decorating/etc with my background in writing and independent publishing, I had initially envisioned Your Best Halloween Ever as a sort of Halloween lifestyle guide, the kind of book that one might pull out a few times throughout the year for ideas and inspiration.

But once the practicality started to set in, I realized that such an endeavor would be mighty expensive to produce for an independent publisher such as myself. Plus, going the book route would limit some of the multimedia projects I was thinking about including. So I put the idea on the back-burner for a few months until one day, it hit me... a blog? A blog!

Yes, a blog!

I sat down one afternoon to brainstorm and see if I even had enough to really go on and the idea floodgates burst open. Less than an hour later, I had several weeks (yes, weeks) worth of topics to explore, ranging from crafting projects to baked treats, costume ideas and even cocktails (with booze-free versions of each for Halloween-lovers of all ages to enjoy!). I was on to something special and immediately got to work.

So what exactly is Your Best Halloween Ever? Simple - a place for me to share my tips, tricks and treats for you to have your best Halloween ever! Starting in September, Your Best Halloween Ever will feature daily blog posts with recurring themes for each day of the week, all leading up to the best day of the year - October 31st! Stay tuned for more information on these themes and be sure to follow the site's various social media pages for bonus goodies throughout the season.

Boo-ckle up, ladies and gents - and get ready for Your Best Halloween Ever! 🎃

Meet Andrew

Andrew Noles
Hey, I'm Andrew and I'm the creator of Your Best Halloween Ever! Growing up, Halloween was a big celebration in my family: we always dressed up, threw big parties, and once even turned our garage into a haunted house! My love for Halloween has only grown as I've gotten older - and I'm pretty psyched to share all the ways I celebrate the holiday with you! When I'm not working in special events or diving headfirst into Halloween-related activities, I enjoy reading, writing, and roller coasters - with the occasional hike thrown in for good measure.

Get to know a little more about Andrew here!

Meet Devin

Devin Przygoda
Hi, my name is Devin! I'm a makeup artist who works for a high end makeup retail store by day and a wannabe interior decorator at night. Having previously worked for two of America's best haunted houses, I feel confident in my knowledge of all things Halloween and I'm excited to share some amazing makeup tutorials! My love for Halloween stems from a need to express myself creatively, and Halloween lets me do that and then some! Besides Halloween, my passions include YouTube, drag, and horror movies.

Get to know a little more about Devin here!